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Testimonials from clients


I am an active 72 yr. old woman who has been going to Stacy Breeden for approximately six years for massages/reflexology.  God has truly blessed Stacy with "the gift of touch"!  Her massages have helped me through many rough times over the years.  Stacy is compassionate about natural healing and takes a personal interest in her clients.   I highly recommend her services.

                                                       Phyllis Brown


After having surgery to repair a broken leg, scar tissue formed at the incision.  I was having pain in my leg, developed a pronounced limp and it was becoming difficult to perform my daily activities.  It got to the point that I had to have assistance going up and down the stairs in my home.  I was referred to Stacy for therapeutic massages to break up the scar tissue.  I must admit I was under the impression that massages were for relaxation and a "feel good" sensation only, not for therapy.  After my first massage, I could walk better and a lot of the soreness and pain were gone(as is the scar tissue) and the there is no pain in my leg.  Stacy, has totally improved my quality of life.  My mobility is much better and I am doing activities I could not previously do.  Stacy has been a blessing in my life and I have recommended her services to several of my friends.  It is totally life changing to have massages from Stacy.                                              Judy Bree